Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Daybreak: Housemates Feel The Pinch

As The Chase continues, three weeks in, a few things seemed to have change and a few stayed the same, the difference being who has mastered the game or so they might’ve thought.

Upon being in the Diary Room and each Housemate nominating a candidate fit for Evictions, the buck however stops with you the audience. The HoH can ‘Save and Replace’ but the ultimate choice belongs to Africa.

Bolt seems to be a lucky bugger these days having been saved from Nominations twice in two weeks, first by his woman Betty and this week by Nigeria’s Melvin who’s currently Diamond HoH. What could this guy be feeding these HoH’s? I mean we understood why Betty saved him but Melvin?

On a player note, Elikem seems to be kissing the girls and leave them crying, in both Houses. The man doesn’t seem to want commitment which makes us think that he’s merely pushing his own game, while using these women.

Is there another ‘player’ on the rise or has he always been a slithering snake waiting to attack? They do say the greatest form of defense is attack. Whether this will end well for the young Ghanian is anybody’s guess. If he was a bright lad though, he’d learn a thing or five from the last self-proclaimed player LK4 who never made it past week three.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Let's face it! Bolt's far more interesting than Bigusas! Kwaaaaaa!

  2. melvin u don fall my hand