Saturday, June 01, 2013

Daybreak: Is Hakeem Depressed?

Hakeem looked like he had a lot on his mind this morning.

New Diamonds Housemate Hakeem woke up really early this morning as the reality of his living situation sunk in. The Zimbabwean was moved from the Ruby House to the Diamonds House yesterday, following a dramatic swap by Head of House, Feza.

Hakeem had already settled into the Ruby House and had even developed a close personal relationship with Zambia's Cleo. This morning, the Zimbabwean hunk was a shadow of his former self. He spent most of his morning in bed watching his new Housemates going about their business. Missing Cleo perhaps?

Annabel, whose bed is right next to Hakeem's, tried to engage her new next door neighbour in conversation but that proved futile.

Is Hakeem depressed or is the Zimbabwean just trying to make sense of the new situation and the players that come with it?

By Ngeti Dlamini

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