Sunday, June 02, 2013

Daybreak: Life Goes On As It Should

As the days unfold, so do the events in the Ruby and Diamond houses.

Zimbabwe’s Hakeem and Nigeria’s Melvin have crossed floors to the Diamond house while Uganda’s Denzel and Angola’s Neyll join the Ruby housemates.

Upon arrival, Hakeem found his way to Namibia’s Dillish's lips who received them with much skepticism and excitement. This could very well be the start of something special as both parties are rather good looking and would make a good match, our audience believes.

Sierre Leonean, Bassey has been found to have a farting problem he seems shy about. Poor Bassey, can’t be easy being him at the moment.

Uganda’s LK4 and South African model, Koketso, are no longer shy about their hook up as they shared a kiss and a bed in the wee hours of the morning but Koketso later left to sleep with Cleo in hers. Is this hook up forever? Only time will tell.

While South Africa’s Angelo was the earliest bird, doing his morning exercises, Ghana’s Elikem took to doing his laundry and then started cleaning the Diamond house after a rather hectic party.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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