Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Daybreak: Love In Full Bloom

It would seem Feza's move from the Diamond House to the Ruby House is doing the Tanzanian cutie a world of good.

After being man less since the first stay of The Chase, Feza enters her fourth week in the game with not only a new hairstyle, but a fine man as well. This morning, the gorgeous songbird woke up in the clutches of Botswana's Oneal, after a night spent warming each other up. Did anything happen under those covers? Check out BBA's VIP section to see whether these two are a naughty pair or not.

This romance has certainly been a long time coming. After a brief meeting in the Arena that sparked a connection a couple of weeks ago, these two have graduated to not only looking into each other’s eyes and having deep conversations, but to sharing a bed.

Feza has banished Elikem the player to the darkest abyss of her mind and it would seem after being concerned about Elikem's bed partners during her first night in the Ruby House, the Tanzanian doesn't look like she cares anymore. Someone else who does not look like she cares anymore is Pokello, who told Elikem to move on and be himself in the early hours of the morning. Trouble in paradise? Looks so!

Pokello and Elikem are still in the throes of a headache inducing love triangle with sexy Malawian, Fatima. However, this declaration by Pokello seems to be just what the Zimbabwean needs to finally shake Elikem off. No more late night conversations in bed? We’ll just have to wait and see.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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  1. Na wa for them. The girls should becareful before they will regret their action