Friday, June 21, 2013

Daybreak: Man On A Mission

He may not be a secret service agent but that most certainly is not stopping Sulu from being a man on a mission.

So what is the Zambian’s new undertaking? To win Head of House at any and all costs. The usually laid back Ruby fellow was pumped up like a helium balloon this morning. After all the Housemates had finished with their daily morning exercise routine the Lusaka businessman stayed behind for a private training session with Angelo.

“I am not going to lose today. I want my mind to be ready for battle,” he exclaimed. “Take no prisoners,” Angelo retorted in motivation to his buddy.

Last night Sulu made it explicitly clear to all of his fellow Rubies that he plans on walking away from the HoH Task as the victor. "Winning the HoH Task tomorrow is very important. If I win, there will be drama, especially when it comes to the House swap,” he proclaimed.

We have never seen Sulu this determined before. Who could it be that he wants to swap so badly? We’ll just have to wait till the HoH Task later today to see if his hard work pays off and just what he will do with all that power if he does win.

By Lihle Jacobs

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