Saturday, June 29, 2013

Daybreak: Mi Casa Es Su Casa (My House Is Your House)

Things in Biggie’s House have been eventful as per usual and nothing seems to remain the same for long. The four Chasers that were swapped, Pokello, Maria, Annabel and Bassey can attest to this as they had to find comfort in their new House.

Maria, however, had no problem blending in because the Ruby House was her original home whereas Annabel had to get used to her new Housemates and her new surroundings. Pokello was less than impressed with her move especially knowing that Feza had moved her purposely knowing that she is a real threat for her. This was Bassey’s first move as well and we trust that the Diamonds won’t know what hit them when Bassey get into his element.

Later today we look forward to Sulu’s double dose of hot Diamond women, Selly and Dillish. We are mostly looking forward to how Selly intends on righting her wrongs where her friend Sulu is concerned. Also we are looking forward to finding out whether Sulu will take Bassey’s advice and actually hit on the Delicious Dillish. Good luck Sulu International.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Oh Bassey doesn't know dat dillish has a crush on him

  2. I WANT Pokello to STAY!!!!!!! Too many haters out there. My vote is for ypu girl!!!