Sunday, June 23, 2013

Daybreak: A Night To Remember

Whoever said that things get better in the morning definitely hadn’t met our fellow Chasers. After last night’s epic Channel O Party and the Ruby House after party, both the Rubies and the Diamonds found it difficult to wake up early this morning, not that they had to but one could tell that most of them were nursing last night’s after effects.

Always the serious guy with standards as high as the Kilimanjaro, Oneal seemed to be quite upset at his drunken Feza. What could he have been so upset about when everyone was having fun you might ask. And the simple answer would be that Oneal is always hard on Feza. Let the girl be Oneal.

So this morning there were a few ‘die hards’ of the Ruby House who actually woke up and started narrating the events of last night. Apparently Angelo was able to handle himself and his alcohol last night and Sulu said he was very proud of him. Fatima said that she (and everyone else) found Sulu the most entertaining as a cross dresser in a short dress. I must admit, funny man Sulu held it down proper.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. At least africa were in one piece last night's party. Coming together for a good cause. Uniting in love, peace and fun except for a few schemer's. One of them being Selly always gossiping and scheming and assuming the bad.

  2. Thank u Biggie, the party was awesome but next time please show us de dancers not the gossipers.Sulu is de man** enough said**

  3. Yes mydear! D camera guyz don't know der job!d Dj fucked up at d beging but showd som fun @d end! Tank u beverly u made my 9t so beautiful.Africa wat is happening to Hakeem n Cleo?Biggie plz evict bolt today plz he nearly killed betty wt sex lasted 9t. Bolt is an animal!

  4. i liked last nyt's dj and he was far better than that of last week. But oneal is slowly losing my support. I wonder why he thot Hakeem is acting like a childish when he himself is making feza feel like a junior school girl.