Monday, June 17, 2013

Daybreak: No Time To Workout

The morning after the Eviction of both Angolans, Biguesas and Neyll was pretty much very relaxed and our Housemates moved on as they normally would. The overall mood was somber and everyone was either sleeping or doing their morning exercises.

In the Diamond House, Bolt and Betty snored the morning away with no care in the world. Clearly they all had a late night and had no intentions of waking up for their daily workout routine.

Today’s workout saw Hakeem and a few other Diamonds, who actually woke up on time, stretching and kicking under the supervision of one buff trainer. His routine focused a lot on biceps and leg exercises, much to everyone’s satisfaction.

The Rubies were no different as some slept in, holding on to their warm beds and some went about their business in the House. Earlier this morning Elikem and Fatima had a heart-to-heart in the bath tub discussing fellow Housemates and Elikem’s unclear relationship with Pokello. This friendship seems to be growing day by day and there are no limits to it as these two share a bed, cut each other’s hair and brush their teeth together.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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