Friday, June 07, 2013

Daybreak: Sleeping In

The couples in the Big Brother House couldn't be bothered with morning exercise. It seems they would much rather sweat it out under the covers.

This morning LK4 and Koketso, who have made the Ruby House their very own love shack, slept in while everyone else was beaten into shape by the resident Gym Instructor. You couldn't pry these two apart with pliers as they snored away, their limbs intertwined under the covers.

Diamonds >Bolt and Betty also decided to sleep in today. What do you think they could have been busy with while everyone slept? Check out the VIP section for clues.

Natasha, as per the norm, enjoyed her sleep while everyone stretched and sweated. Tired from all that cleaning she does in the wee hours of the morning, perhaps? Hakeem also decided his morning would be best spent under the covers. This is strange considering the fact that the Zimbabwean is always front and centre of any kind of exercise routine in the House.

It seems the Fitness Task certainly took its toll on the Housemates.

Someone who looked to be on top of things however is early bird Selly, who looked like she was enjoying gym. After the exercise session, the energetic Ghanaian disappeared into the bathroom and emerged waxed to the point of martyrdom.

LK4, Feza, Dillish, Hakeem and Koketso are up for possible Eviction this week. Click here to vote to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Wooow dis is cul bra me 2 wasn't gona run for the gym leaving a beautiful sunflower behind, specially knowing that any tym soon can be separated for ever, dts wht we need here in SA man's who keep's Our woman warm @ ol tyms brada LK4 u rock ...

  2. My vote goes to koketso nd hakeem

  3. Ngeti your biased reporting is nonsensical. LK4 and Koki made Ruby house their love shack??? Thats some bull crapp opinionated reporting here! Dont distort facts please!!