Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Daybreak: Spending Sleepless Nights Around The Fire

The Chasers took well to their Camping Task as they were required to spend the night outside, start a fire, cook on it and tell each other stories, much like a real camping experience.

But as the night went on, the Housemates were heard saying that they can see ninjas in the House and heard a fish talk to them. Pokello was one of the Housemates freaked out about this talking fish.

As the night turned into morning, Oneal and Sulu, who were the few Housemates able to stay awake, talked about Dillish’s hotness and beauty. Sulu had also confessed that he had his eye on Feza but instead he was trapped by Selly. What does Sulu mean he was trapped by Selly? And how did Oneal feel about Sulu’s confession?

Obviously this revelation had no effect on Oneal and Feza’s relationship as they were heard talking sweet nothings to one another. When Feza got tired and decided to go and sleep, she told her man that he should wake her up if he missed her. It seems like this relationship is for keeps as both parties are now free to be affectionate towards one another.

This morning Natasha thought it right to clean the House before this morning’s exercise routine and Oneal decided he’s going to sleep when everyone else are exercising. He was among the few Housemates who actually stuck it out through the night and didn’t sleep. So it’s only fair that he wanted to sleep, he has fulfilled his obligation for the Task.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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