Sunday, June 30, 2013

Diamonds Shop In Style

Instead of partying as expected in the Ruby House, the Diamonds used the opportunity presented to them to do a spot of impromptu shopping.

Hunger will make you do strange things. Last week, the Diamonds lost their Wager for the second time in a row and have as a result run out of luxuries including cake, ice cream and yoghurt, amongst many other sweet treats. This evening however, the gang managed to score a bagful of goodies, courtesy of the alcohol which was flowing freely in the Ruby House.

The Rubies unofficial food police, Oneal and Sulu, complained about being pilphered by the Diamonds as they relaxed in the bedroom as soon as the Ruby House doors were shut. "This needs to stop. It's not funny anymore. Last week, the same thing happened", an irritated Oneal said.

Pokello, who was swapped to the Diamond House on Friday almost got into a fight with Oneal when she attempted to take some of the items she left behind in the Ruby House. As she grabbed cereal and some fish fingers, Oneal told her to not even try it. However, Pokello told the Tswana Housemate where to get off and took her stuff and left.

Bimp and Beverly are some of the Diamonds who were seen with their hands full as they happily traipsed through the Diamond House doors.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. I trust Beverly any time anyday!Girl hustle dey go joor! U must survive!

  2. Oneal I pity u in dis game!

  3. Pokello has a Strong Rural Background. Jo!

    1. Yes mydear! I tink she will be more wicked in outside world! As 4 Oneal I don't know if his in BBA!

  4. Oneal is annnoyin wats his problem is jus feelin insecure I like d way pokello reacted thumbs girl.oneal is d only hsemate dat will go to party dat biggie planned wit a lot of money to sit down ad watch he won't socialise I don't knw wats dis dude feelin is like

  5. Oneal is a foolish but talented DJ on air personality that does not dance Nando should have blown his whistle for and tell get off FOOL hahaha

  6. O'neal is Just so annoying! Chill out Pliz!