Thursday, June 27, 2013

Diamonds Smoking Teabags

The Diamonds are starting to feel the pain of having a non-existent luxuries budget.

In case you missed it, the gang failed to impress Big Brother during last week's Task and lost their Wager as a result.

This evening, a Beverly revealed how the boys have run out of cigarettes and have resorted to smoking teabags, out of all things. "The situation is bad Biggie. There are no cigarettes in the House so people have resorted to smoking tea", the Nigerian said. They do say desperate times call for desperate measures!

After trying to score some cigarettes for her fellow Housemates, Beverly quickly realised that Big Brother doesn't play games. "Beverly, as I told you and your fellow Diamonds before, a 100 percent Wager requires 100 percent effort".

Maria seemed to have funny requests as well and when Big Brother reminded her that the Housemates can't complain because they lost their Wager, Maria said "then we'll strike". Biggie seemed amused by all of this and encouraged the Diamonds to work hard this week, to ensure that their cupboards are spilling over next week.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. They will win der wager dat am sure of! Dillish,Melvin,bimp n bev are doing it 4me. Gudluck guyz!

  2. Diamonds are good,i like those guys.

  3. They are lazy n dnt know how 2 be a gud team

  4. #the lazy diamonds have lost their wager again because of stupid hakeen on guard after love play, he refuse to wake up his alternates beforr fallen at sleep. What a wasted effort

  5. they r lazy compared to ruby house!