Monday, June 24, 2013

Diary: The Chase Is Tough - Sulu

During his Diary Session, funny man Sulu revealed that The Chase is now on and is proving very tough for everyone in Biggie’s House. This was true considering that all Housemates have a story to tell in their month into The Chase but Sulu was probably referring to recent events involving a certain Ghanaian lady, her crush in the Diamond House and the consequential heartache experienced.

If we were to take a closer look at the last four weeks of The Chase, we’d all agree that being in Biggie’s House is no small fry. One needs guts and staying power to make the cut while trying to charm Africa into letting them stay on and ultimately winning the grand prize.

We have seen game plans change from subtle to vengeance to mind games. Some have managed to pull the wool over many eyes while others are more focused on the love aspect of the game. Whether which plan will get the Housemates through to the finish line can only be revealed at the end. Who the ultimate master mind is will possibly be the person at the end of that line, with a lot of loot.

You find a lot of the Housemates telling Biggie what they are going through in his House but ultimately they all say the same thing: “This is a game after all Biggie.” There is no line more truthful than that one. No matter how much fear, love, anger and frustration the Housemates go through daily, it is imperative that they keep their heads up and their eye on the prize because that’s what Africa wants to see. They say it doesn’t matter how many times you fall, what matters is how many times you get up.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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