Monday, June 10, 2013

Diary: The Game Continues

“We’re here and the game continues,” said Cleo pragmatically in response to Biggie questions about Koketso and LK4’s Eviction.

Before their exit from The Chase, their Zambian cutie had grown extremely close to the Ruby lovers. The three friends even shared a bed from time to time and even though Cleo did her best to be her usual cheerful self during her session, it was written all over her face that she was still trying to cope with the loss and after the session she kept repeating to her fellow Rubies, “I can’t believe Koketso is gone.”

But one person, who clearly won’t be having any sleepless nights over Koketso and LK4, is Pokello. During her Diary session the Zimbabwean seemed to be amused by the fact that the couple was Evicted together. “It was a strategic move that paid off. The chances that a couple would both get Evicted on the same are slim so it really paid off,” she said in reference to HoH Selly’s decision to save Biguesas and put Koketso in his place. Little does Pokello know that is in danger of being on the Eviction Nominee list this week as she and Natasha received the most Nominations from the Rubies this morning for their gossipy and bossy ways.

Pokello also mentioned during her session that she and Selly are very close. We wonder if Selly will use her ‘Save and Replace’ to shelter her from the Eviction gallows should she be up for Eviction this week?

By Lihle Jacobs

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