Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Diary: Green-Eyed Monsters

Green eyed monsters is what the Housemates have been turned as their unrequited love has filled their hearts with jealousy.

One of the biggest confessions to come out of today’s Diary session was from Fatima who finally admitted that she feels jealous over Pokello and Elikem'scloseness. “Now that there is a woman involved I feel that my friend is being taken away from me.” The Malawian is clearly feeling very frustrated at the moment as she told Biggie that she is grateful to be portraying a lion in this week’s Task because she feels just like this beast. “I want to eat everybody, I want to destroy,” she professed. Wow those are some strong words lady. It looks safe to say that Fatima wishes she and Elikem could be more than friends.

After the Malawian, Angelo took to the Diary Room where he confessed to being miserable without Maria. “I wish that we could work it out,” he told Biggie. He also shared that he is a very jealous man and that he would see green if he found out that the Namibian has moved on with someone else in the Diamond House. Say what now?! We wonder how Maria feels about being treated like owned property?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Angelo ur a disgrace! Wen u n Annabel were In diamond house u where having somtin wt her,later u started tellin hsemates n africa dat ur in a rship an u don't want to cheat ur fiance bak home n all of a sudden u saw maria n decided to go to Rubys.U tried all u can but maria said no.do u know how many yrs u gave dat girl?n she left Ruby bcos of ur pressure.Is a shame u want her n she wants another.A BIG SHAME!

  2. Am nt surprisd he told ik dat he cannot stay wit one woman . The very day he came right there on the stage