Monday, June 03, 2013

Diary: Hakeem Aches For Cleo

“I miss Cleo,” were the heartfelt words that poured of a visibly emotional Hakeem during his Diary session this afternoon.

This confession came after Biggie quizzed the Zimbabwean on why he is feeling so low. “I am hoping that I can get to see her soon. I will do anything to see her again,” he pleaded. Unfortunately for him his protestations were met with vague response from Big Brother, “I can neither confirm nor deny that you will see her again”. The Ruby looked to have his spirit shattered by the thought of not seeing his Big Brother lover again.

Seeing the young model so cut up about his brief romance with Cleo, Biggie wanted to know from Hakeem how this was going to affect him playing the game. “When I am in a relationship I feel inspired and I have a clear vision. Now I can’t focus,” he shared. Poor Hakeem, nothing hurts more than a broken heart. But this is a game after all and as Biggie said to the Zimbabwean “You must always keep your eyes on the prize”.

As for Cleo, the Zambian cutie seems to be taking the separation pretty well and has been going about life in the House as usual. Could it be that this love actually is one-sided and she doesn't feel the same about him or is she just putting on a brave face?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. she feels the same...she z jus putn a brave face

    1. Cleo sure feels same for Hakeem, but she is mature and handling it better, just like the woman she is. Women are stronger emotionally you know...!

  2. I want my comment to appear on tv what must i do biggie

  3. Hakeem b brave man and plz kp ur eyes n e prize nt Cleo,u wl mit her f u wr meant 2 b my bra.b strong and plz brng e mny hme coz w rite bhnd u.

  4. I wish the Rubby house win dis weeks task, so Selly can help bring back Hakeem to Cleo. I so feel his pain, do something Biggie plssss!

  5. D guy is inlove but cleo told him face to face dat she want to focus on d prize n nt relationship! Just dat s girl accepted havn feelngs 4him.He is so full of himsef..get a lif Boy!

  6. Ahhh Hakeem is such a baby. Is he there for luv or d game. You even left ur mom n ur child n u r so affected by a girl u met just a week ago. Pls grow up man

  7. Hakeem, I so feel you , I'm sorry I wish you meet Cleo on friday please Biggie !!!

  8. She dnt wnt u Hakeem chase the money n nt Cleo.