Monday, June 03, 2013

Diary: Koketso Plays Her Own Game

Being in the middle of a love triangle is enough to throw anybody’s game in Biggie’s House. South Africa’s Koketso is keen on playing her own game amid all the drama surrounding her in the Ruby House. As much as she and Beverly are possibly after the same guy, LK4, Koketso has settled on focusing on how she carries herself in the House and is adamant on staying clear of the pending drama between her, Beverly and LK4.

And because Selly and Natasha were trying to hook up LK4 with Beverly, there was a bit of a negative energy towards Koketso because she was getting closer to LK4 than they had anticipated. Koketso felt this was enough for the women to nominate her for Eviction so that Beverly can be with LK4.

When asked what she expected with Nominations tonight, she said that having been approached by LK4 last week, professing his feelings for her, she couldn’t help but feel that he was trying to get closer to her and also isolate her from the others because he wanted to play on her feelings for him thus making sure that she’s in his corner when it was time for nominations. In short, he was trying to forge an alliance by telling her he has feelings for her or so she thought. This is only the beginning Koketso.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Lk4 he's playn cards next to the chest.

  2. Ak47 is a big fool n am happy he goes!dis was wat Prezzo did wt late Goldie n Zinab lasted year! Lk4 was asking bev,Do u want to be wt me in bev's room?while koketso is waiting 4 him in his bed n Bev askd him:u do u want to?bev being smart trust Nija Babe!he wantd to fool dem.Tank God 4 his up!!

    1. Yes, Lk4 actually asked Beverly out, and two days ago he went to Beverly and said " I made a move on you but you turned me down". It's a pity Koketso is still with the guy.