Sunday, June 09, 2013

Diary: Mind Sèx

So deep is the connection between LK4 and Koketso that it cannot be expressed through words or the physical, no, no - this kind of connection can only expressed through “mental intercourse” or so LK4 says.

Oh, so is that what the pair was doing when they spend the afternoon joining heads in silence? Must be nice. LK4 also shared during his Diary session that he would be heartbroken if he had to be separated from his lady love now. “I’ll miss her like crazy,” he admitted. Aww, sweet it looks like ‘Prince of Uganda’ has found his princess. Little does he know though that she is also on the Eviction chopping block along with him. It will be interesting to see how the couple reacts later this evening when they find out this bit of news.

Over in the Diamond House, Bolt showed that he is many things but insecure is not one of them. Today the Sierra Leonean retorted: “I am a lovable person,” when asked by Biggie how about Africa voting for him. Dillish and Biguesas were both seemed to be taking the whole process within their stride. It’s just as well that Biguesas is keeping his cool because he won’t be sent packing today thanks to Selly saving him from Eviction and replacing him with Koketso.

Hakeem looked ready to crumble into a million pieces. “I feel sick, I don’t want to disappoint my family,” he said emotionally after Biggie asked him about the possibility of being sent home tonight.

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. ahhh so sweet Hakeem.... hope u wont be leaving tonight.

  2. Hakeem, u going nowe

  3. Hakeem so goin home