Monday, June 17, 2013

Diary Room: Diamonds Shocked

After last night's dramatic Evictions which saw Angola being booted out of the game, many of the Ruby Housemates are more than jittery about the game.

In their Diary Session's with Big Brother early this evening, many of the Rubies expressed their shock at Biguesas and Neyll's departure yesterday. "The Evictions were shocking. I really didn't expect Neyll to go. Losing two Angolans on the same day is really terrifying. It has just been proven to me that anything can happen in this game," Beverly said.

Hakeem also weighed in on the Evictions, expressing how shocked he is at Biguesas' departure. "It was such a big disappointment to see Biguesas being Evicted. He is such a nice guy", the Zimbabwean said. Hakeem also addressed his relationship drama, which saw him threatening to pull the plug on his relationship with Cleo.

"I was about to break up with her after she decided not to come to the Diamond House. Luckily, we spoke about it and worked it out. I cried like a fool for her," he said. This afternoon's Nominations Sessions were also a hot topic in Biggie's Diary Room.

Hakeem was spot on with his prediction that Bolt will make the Nominations list again this week. "I feel like everyone who plays dirty has survived. Bolt says stuff that gets under everyone's skin. He'll definitely be Nominated again. I'm pretty sure he Nominated me too. Motamma and Selly are probably on the list", Hakeem said.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Bolt should leave..

  2. Annabel I will love u 4eva.NIjaaaaaaa d Giant of Africa! Oneluv Frm SA

  3. I fear for bostwana!!!!!! They are up against some tuff competition.

  4. Natasha really sucks.
    Nice decision Annabel.
    Bassey shud ve let Pokello remain nominated.
    All d way frm Nigeria,West Africa,its team Melvin n Bevlery