Thursday, June 27, 2013

Diary Room: Hakeem, The Master Mind?

So maybe Hakeem is not just a pretty face after all, if his Diary Session this afternoon is anything to go by.

The young Diamond dude session was a minefield of confessions. According to Hakeem he is actually a cunning master mind. “I can be very deceptive. I make it a point to never let people know what I am thinking. I always lead them think to think the opposite,” he confessed. “People might think that I am just pinning over Cleo. But I have got my mind on the game,” he clarified.

That was not his only confession. Hakeem also shared with Biggie that he and his arch nemesis Dillish are in fact kindred souls. It looks like all of the beefing, head butting and name calling between this pretty pair has all been because of one simple reason; they are the same person in different bodies.

When Biggie probed the young model about the two’s mutual dislike for one another he answered: “Me and Dillish we are actually similar in a funny kind of way. When I first got into the Diamond House I got along with everybody except for her and I have realised it is because we are very much the same,”

“Have you shared this with Dillish,” Biggie asked intrigued. “No I have got pride and she has got pride,” Hakeem explained. The Zimbabwean also begged Biggie to keep this little secret just between them and Big Brother assured him that his secret was safe with him.

Video: I got my mind on the game

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Hakeeem the master mind thats my vote

    1. Hakeem don't fool ursef cos other got brain too.bimp hasn't been on evictn list so he doesn't get brain? Ur over-pride will send u home trust me.

    2. Stii voting Dillish. Hakeem shld that Dillish is not his type. He shld to Cleo.

  2. I knew it dat dis cleo cleo tin is hakeems strategy on making hsemates tink his into cleo not d game.he jos said it all.Cleo am sorry 4u cos frm Ruby u got game but now shaking my head.told u guyz y hakeem don't like Dilish frm day one. How I wish he leavs on sunday!let pokelo stay!

  3. Hakeem u a not going nway !Till 91dys my vote goes 2 u!!!

  4. Hakeem is an interlect guys .listern to all his diary sessions and with whom can you compare with#proudly zimbo#.

  5. Hakeem is just deceivin him sef...I pity Cleo

  6. Hakeem, go and grow up, u gat know game ur game is so boreing. U gat no swags, no entertainment. And fool of pride withouth dress sence. Wish u go soon. Over grown baby elephant. Mitsh

  7. Hakeem is a big fool...., why re u begging Biggy to kip it as a secret? Guy u got no brain.