Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diary Room: Ruby Survivors

Over the ages it has been proven time and again that there is nothing in this world that is more resilient than the human spirit. And this week’s Task is all about that resilience. Today the Rubies took to the Diary Room to share their extraordinary tales of human endurance.

Angelo – “My childhood was hardest for me; watching my mum raising three kids as a single mother. I also got stabbed in the chest when I was in school".

Fatima – “I survived an abusive relationship. My boyfriend used to beat me up and I used to beat him back".

Sulu – “I was raised in the ghetto where there are all kinds of bad vices and young people not wanting to go to school. I thank God for my mother’s teachings and prayers".

Pokello - “I survived a media leak that almost ruined my life. I was also in an abusive relationship when I was 17. It has made me who I am today. I have learned to fight for myself”.

Bassey – “I have survived tragedy; I lost my dad when I was young. My sister and my brother didn’t go to varsity because of my dad’s death as there was not enough money. It was hard to watch my mother raise five kids as a single mom and I am happy that I made it to university".

Oneal - "I had the most confusing childhood among my friends and it shaped who I am today”.

Feza – “I survived a deadly disease. Having a son saved me. I was irresponsible and out of control. I was seeing someone with a deadly disease and God kept me on the safe side. It was God’s hand”.

Elikem – “I survived a major car accident. I am not going until I’ve done everything God has put me on this earth to do".

Bolt – “Besides surviving the war in Sierra Leonean, more recently in 2012 I was unemployed and it was really hard. So being here, for me it is a second chance”.

Instead of sharing a survival story from her past Natasha told Biggie that she is surviving conflict with HoH Feza. According to the Malawian, the Tanzanian approached her and told her that she is the Head of House now and she will be taking over and allocating who cleans and does what in the House and now Natasha feels stifled.

Video: I am a survivor

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Natasha is right; she the greatest survivor in The Chase.

  2. Natasha ddnt call herswlf a survivor cos she is yet to be evicted but cos she cant face being kept aside by Feza. She shld get a life and allow Hoh to do her job. must she pokenose in people's affair? Always trying to be relevant at all times. She is hiding under the chores to conceal her fear n complex. That is daft not survivor instinct

  3. God 4give me cos am not a fan of dat village woman.Can u image she requestd not to vote 4a crush wall section n biggie told her is a must.Does she tink greeting biggie 100times will save her,acting 4camera!!Gosh!!