Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diary Room: Survival Stories

Behind all the hair, make up, pecs and egos lie the true spirit of survivors. This afternoon, the Diamond Housemates shared touching stories of struggle, pain and dreams deferred.

Maria - "My determination helped me survive an attempted rape. I don't know where I got the strength to fight back but I did".

Melvin - "I was called by a stranger who was standing in front of my parent’s gate in the middle of the night when I was a kid. I fell into a trance and started following this person. Luckily, a little girl from the neighborhood saw me walking around aimlessly and told my parents. I was eventually found walking in no man’s land".

Cleo - "I'm a hustler and try to survive by any means necessary. Every day, you bury your dreams and rebirth them. I have survived through grace, prayer, positivity and love, which keeps me strong. I'm the ultimate survivor".

Nando - "I've survived a lot of things. About a year ago I survived a suicide attempt. I was young and I was going through a lot of stuff so I started doing drugs. I landed up in hospital. That experience helped me to love and accept myself and helped me focus".

Beverly - "Before my Big Brother Africa audition, I was involved in a car accident. I was on my way to a show and wasn't dressed properly. My mom had told me not to go but I didn't listen to her. Thank God I'm alive".

Hakeem - "I was the father of the House at some point in my life. I had no job and had to take care of my family during tough economic times. I couldn't go to college and wouldn't sleep didn’t sleep at home, but I survived".

Bimp - "I come from a really good family. I lost everything because I left the House. That was one of the most difficult moments...Nothing to eat, nowhere to sleep but I made it. I'm here. I'm alive".

Annabel - "I'll never forget this. It's so sensitive. My dad dies and I was really close to him. My life crumbles. I was depressed and I lost weight. I used alcohol to mask the pain. I had to lift myself up and did thanks to my family and friends".

Dillish - I survived a House fire. I lived with my granddad one day my grandfather switched the stove on to warm his food. He fell asleep and the pot overheated. I was sleeping and one of the twins slapped me awake and told me something was burning. My brother saved my family. I owe him my life".

Selly did not share a survival story and instead got a bit of advice from Big Brother regarding her relationship with Nando. "Give him space, don't chase after him and watch him slowly open up to you", Big Brother said.

Maria, Bolt, Natasha, Pokello, Dillish, Annabel and Hakeem are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote for your favourite.

By Ngeti Dlamini

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