Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Diary: The Task, Nominations and The Emerald House

On today’s Diary Session things got a bit more interesting with Housemates feeling extremely comfortable with Biggie and telling him everything and more.

First in the Diary Room was Motamma who was more than confident that her Housemates efforts will triumph and that the Diamonds are due for a win seeing that they lost last week. She was clearly enjoying the Task.

While some Housemates believe that there is a third House called the Emerald, the rest believe it’s one of Biggie’s famous tricks designed to throw the Chasers off their present plans and strategies. Beverly was also convinced that the third House doesn’t exist, although she was curious at first about who could be in that House and what their moves would be.

The general thought amongst the Diamonds is the fact that Bolt might just evade Eviction, yet again, whereas dearest Biguesas is a sure bet that he’ll be gone because he’s always kept to himself and is an obvious target for Nominations. ‘Biguesas doesn’t deserve to be Evicted purely because he keeps to himself and doesn’t talk to anyone. But as long as I’m not nominated, I’m very happy Biggie,” Bimp said.

Beverly still insisted that Bolt is making major moves on her and it’s making her seriously uncomfortable. “He told me that he will kiss me before he leaves the House,” she said. Beverly doesn’t seem to have the handle on Bolt, that’s if these allegations are true. What’s even more confusing is why she doesn’t just tell Betty about this.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Maybe beverly likes de dude also dats y she hasn't told betty

  2. Y should she tell betty?, beve is very mattured she can handle it and she's a open peerson if she likes bolt she would have gone for him without any1's concent

  3. @franchesca tellin betty doesn't show maturity.our beverly is too smart for bolt. Betty is a cheap whore dat doesn't knw wat brought her to BB house.melvin/beverly re not chasin anybody buh d money can't u see d diff.

  4. Biguesas fine boy no swag.u re too dull.wat criteria did angola used in selectin him.