Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diary: A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

It was quite a telling Diary session that Pokello had this afternoon. The usually very guarded Ruby looks to be opening up a little bit.

Today Biggie probed The Chase lady about the inspiration for her painting that will be presented at tomorrow’s Task Presentation, the Zimbabwean eagerly declared, “A thin line between love and hate”. Well, well, isn’t this interesting? Could the Harare born beauty’s sudden interest in love have anything to do with all of the time she has been spending with resident ladies’ man Elikem? Although the pair have denied that there is anything going on between them they have been looking quite cosy with one another from the day that the Ghanaian moved into the Ruby House and they even share a bed at night.

As for Elikem he appeared to be quite anxious when his it was his turn to head into the Diary Room. He called out to Pokello, “Why do I gotta go after you. What did you say to Biggie?” Hmmm, why are so worried Elikem? Do you have something to hide?

From now on we’ll be keeping a closer eye on this tantalising twosome.

By Lihle Jacobs