Monday, June 24, 2013

Diary: What Does Africa Want?

How do The Chase viewers pick who to vote for and who should go home during Evictions? That is the question on the Housemates’ minds this afternoon.

“What does Africa want,” Bimp mused during his Diary session. The Ethiopian gent was talking to Biggie about his shock at Motamma’s Eviction. “Motamma leaving is a shocker. I have always thought that she is really entertaining,” he said clearly gutted.

During his Diary session, Melvin echoed the Ethiopian’s sentiments. “I was thinking she would go far because of her personality,” he said with a clear indication of shock in his tone. One thing that seems to have the Diamonds feeling confused is Natasha's staying power in the game. Bimp and Annabel both shared that they are a bit surprised that Africa keeps saving Natasha considering all of the stories that they have heard about her bossy ways from the former Rubies leaving in the Diamond House.

It looks like the Housemates’ confusion over what it takes to impress the viewers has them trembling in their boots and ready to show their true colours. “At this stage of the game it’s every man for himself,” Bimp resolved.

Well dear Housemates only Africa knows why they vote for who they vote for. The only thing Housemates should concern themselves with is keeping the viewers entertained.

By Lihle Jacobs

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  1. You guys should try and be yourself and don't pretend, play your game that's all!