Saturday, June 22, 2013

Did Nando Get Some Action?

Nando had some interesting revelations to make regarding his bedroom antics with someone in the House.

This afternoon, Nando had stories to tell. As he chilled in the afternoon sun with Bimp, Nando revealed how someone he shared a bed with "was wondering if anyone heard us". Who could he have been referring to and what was said person worried about?

Bimp listened intently and seemed miffed that Nando's lady friend would be worried about being heard, when there were so many cameras in the House. Nevertheless, he congratulated and then advised Nando not to tell anyone else. Nando swore Bimp is the only Housemate he will tell about his his secret.

"You're the only one I'm telling. I won't even tell Hakeem because next thing he will tell Cleo, then Cleo will tell the girls and the next thing you know, everyone will know", Nando said.

We wonder what it is that has Nando swearing Bimp to secrecy.

Click here to watch the video.....

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. I watched till d lights went off even after but didn't see!plz gist me,they had sex? If yes I wouldn't be supriced cos Selly told Maria now dat She wouldn't want dis kind of bright light wen meeting nando n she also asked if R-room date is on air!Maria said yes n she was angry dat its meant to be secret btw d 2. I tink Selly is worst dan a porn star n she is more dan 38 I guess! She wouldn't last.

  2. Is Nando naïve. Selly wanted to pleasure a beautiful fella