Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Don't Take It Personal

With all the drama, backstabbing and the love-hate relationships in Biggie’s House, it’s important that the Housemates don’t take any of it personally. This was the topic in discussion between Fatima and Natasha earlier this evening.

The talk was started by Natasha who wanted advice from Fatima about how to feel now that she wasn’t Evicted. Life seems weird in the House now for the Malawian woman as her supposed friends in the House are treating her differently after Evictions on Sunday.

Fatima told her that when she and Feza came to the Ruby House they were still friends and when they saw their fellow Diamonds who had been moved to the Ruby House, they were very different from when they were all together in the Diamond. “People change and they do weird things but you can’t take it personally,” she had said to a seemingly hurt Natasha.

Natasha was also complaining that it’s been nine days since Feza arrived and she hasn’t helped with the House chores until just recently. She offered to do a few chores a few days ago and Natasha was shocked by her offer. Maybe Feza was trying to impress his no-nonsense boyfriend Oneal.

Maria, Bolt, Natasha, Pokello, Dillish, Annabel and Hakeem are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote for your favourite.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


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  2. Natasha isn't real.y does she put her nose in peeps bizness?dats y them want her out gosh!all d gossipn now is feza n her nonsence boyfrnd,who is she to judge? Biggie ur camera guyz are very foolish.boring viwers wt Hakeem n Cleo gossips.they hav notin to offer!biggie evict hakeem let see d reall Cleo cos she wants play d Game.he is covering my homie so much.

    1. it seems u r watching frm d back, how can u say Natasha is not real, she talks fine, but real she is, its ur Feza that hates evry other girl in the Ruby house, hence she puts up Pokello 4 eviction. Natasha is vry entertaining that is y Africa has been saving her.

  3. NATASHA is a threat to everyone in the house. They better recognise that she is a true person, imperfect in many ways but she will not fake it like some people in the house. She rocks!PELIODD!

  4. As far as I know the biggest gossiper is Feza yet she wants to point fingers at everyone else especially Fatima. She threatened by Pokie's class (note class not beauty lol. That girl annoys me>!

  5. Natasha out out out,play game is not abou to cook

  6. Even caren was not cook but still she win, all we want is enterteinment