Friday, June 28, 2013

Elikem Doing Fine Without Pokello

Either Elikem is not all that bothered by his woman Pokello getting moved to the Diamond House today or he knows how to put up a good front.

Either way the Ghanaian seems to be doing just fine without his boo. We know that he is a strong and proud African man so we most certainly did not expect him to turn into a whiny little cry baby (yes Hakeem we talking about you). But still a little sign of sadness over being separated from the woman that you once said to be “addicted to” is not too much to ask. No?

Well this evening the young Ruby merrily danced through the early evening with Maria and his ever-present buddy Fatima was not too far away. Sometimes you’d just swear that woman is oxygen the way she is always there wherever he goes.

As for Elikem he then hopped into the Jacuzzi with the fellas and they all enjoyed some rest and relaxation after that the lads headed indoors for a boys night of cards and laughter. To be fair it could be that young actor is not much perturbed by the situation because he has faith that the Rubies will win the Airtel Showdown next week and as the incoming HoH he will have the power to bring her back. He even told her as much earlier on just before she left, saying: “You will be back next week”.

Over in the Diamond House Pokello looks to be settling in well and it seems like the Zimbabwean has already found a friend in Dillish and she also patched things up with on again/ off again frenemy Selly.

What do you think? Will Elikem show signs of missing Pokello and will the lovebirds ever be reunited again?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Is better she is there so that he can play a neat game. African tutu oma.

  2. Its for the best that she is in the diamond house,she can paly her game fair without any distractions,she should thank feza,that snake of bf and bolt were ploting against her....