Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Elikem Was Hypnotised By Pokello?

“You were in a trance. You were in a trance,” Fatima purred to Elikem in the middle of the night.

The Malawian Housemate was locked in deep conversation with the Ghana man about his relationship with Pokello. It would seem that the Ruby lad was so into the boutique owner that it was as if he was hypnotised. But from the looks of things the once sizzling Ruby romance is now starting to cool off.

“I performed the fool only to come out wise,” he mused to his gal pal. Judging by his comments this evening the young actor is growing weary of the Zimbabwean lady's ever changing moods and her tough girl front. “There is a sensitive side to her, there is. But she always seems feel like she has to act tough,” he insisted.

Fatima, who has been unable to conceal her feelings for the Ghanaian over the past few weeks, was more than willing to provide a shoulder to cry on and looked just a little too happy at the thought of her competition for his affections finally being eliminated. But if we were her we would tread carefully because it does not seem like Elikem is completely over Pokello.

What is going on with the Ruby lovers? Could this be the beginning of the end for Elikem and Pokello?

Video: Keep it real

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Fatima and elikem should go home. They gossip a lot. Fatima is a typical jelousy woman.

  2. I don't like woman who chases after man like this fatima girl she clealy love alikem but why is she taking it out on poor pokello she did nothing to her now why. All the hating I think she should tell alikem how she feels about him an leave pokello the hell alone

    1. I agree with u there. She should leave Pokello alone

  3. Any relationship formed at this level, better be genuine

  4. Fatima leave Pokello alone she hve done nothng 2 u but playing the game