Friday, June 14, 2013

Elikem's Sticky Situation

Elikem is in deep trouble. After sharing Pokello's bed and spending every waking moment with her, Fatima is now in the picture, courtesy of Selly's dramatic swap early this afternoon.

Can the Ghanaian pull off the play of the century and come out unscathed from this mess? If Elikem's actions this evening are anything to go by, then he has it all under control. ‘Player of the Century’, anyone?

As soon as Fatima and Feza walked into their new home through the Store Room doors, Elikem calmly walked over and gave both girls a warm squeeze. He then made a beeline for the couch for a talk with Pokello, who didn't look too amused. That didn't stop the Ghanaian from having a chat with his bedmate. "I know you're trying to be faithful to your man and everything but let me tell you this, If I want you, I want you outside the House, not here. Let's just do what we came here for", he said.

Elikem reminded Pokello how he has been chasing her hard the past couple of days and promised that he would probably take her from her man, outside the Big Brother House. Could he have been raising Pokello's relationship status to protect himself incase Pokello calls him out for spending too much time with Fatima or Feza? Planning ahead aren't you Mr. Heartthrob!

Pokello on the other hand, looked slightly irritated and she told him "Elikem you're all fun and games, so you can't handle me". Elikem seemed slightly amused by Pokello's little outburst. "Are you getting an attitude because Fatima's here?" he asked, a boyish smile playing on his face.

Feza does not seem to be much of a factor in this love triangle anymore. The Tanzanian played it safe as she monitored the situation and hung out with Natasha and Cleo in the bedroom.

As soon as she stepped into the bedroom however, the first question she asked was 'Where does Elikem sleep?" It seems Feza still has feelings for the Ghanaian. We wonder how this particular situation will play out!

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. Fuck @ Pokello........ She stinks

  2. Elikem... You rock! No mind pokello, she no get levels, you go blow her! Its too sure! Nice1 player!!!