Sunday, June 02, 2013

Eviction Diary: Anxiety, Fear & Stress Rule!

Behind the confidence are scared, nervous and anxious Housemates as the first Evictions loom.

During their Eviction Diary sessions, the Nominated Housemates were asked how they feel, who and what they would miss the most as well as what they think Africa considers before saving a Housemate from Eviction.

Huddah who was fully clad as a Masai princess, said she was confused and would miss Angelo the most. "We were on the verge of having a thing going on," she confessed. She said she believes Africa wants romance, entertainment and hardworking Housemates.

Meanwhile, Bassey brought his usual playful self but confessed to being scared and nervous. Ï don't want to go," he moaned before speculating on why he was nominated.

A nervous and anxious, Elikem was adamant though that Africa had no reason to boot him out so soon. Obviously oblivious of the fact that HoH Feza had saved him and put Betty in his stead, the Ghanaian hottie said he would miss her (Feza) and Fatima as well as the morning exercises and the warm bedroom.

Comic Denzel was cautioned by Big Brother for his potty mouth as he explicitly related his x-rated plans for Beverly. He said he enjoyed playing with the Housemates' minds and noticed the ladies, especially Pokello, loved him for that.

For Selly, her unpredictable nature is what makes her feel she deserves to stay longer in the House. "You have no idea what I can do," she warned before confessing to being very nervous and sad about the pending Evictions. She rated her best time in The Chase as when she was in the Jacuzzi with Melvin and Pokello.

There you have it Africa; the voting lines are now closed so no amount of sucking up can save the Housemates. After these Diary sessions, do you think you made the right choice?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Why must denzel go out??he is the best of all is that because he got ear problem(deaf)ag no realy now the house is not (lekke)any more