Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eviction: The Sadness Of Bolt's Departure

As Bolt’s name was announced for Eviction, you could see the sadness in the faces of his fellow Chasemates. Some even cried as the countdown to him leaving the House started. Natasha held on to him like it was the end of her world. This was confusing because most of them had Nominated him and obviously wanted him out of the game. Talk about crocodile tears.

As much as Bolt was the man they all loved to hate, he will be missed by his Housemates because he brought something nobody else did, directness. Oneal, Sulu and Angelo were left wondering who the next person to be Evicted will be. Angelo reaffirmed that the game is getting even tougher as more people get Evicted.

Fatima and Elikem were very grateful to the fact that they have one more week and one more chance to prove themselves and can still enjoy the game. They acknowledged Natasha’s ability to elude Eviction for four weeks in a row. “She is quite a strong character and has staying power,” Elikem had once said to Bolt and Fatima.

Oneal told Fatima and Elikem that he had sat with Bolt last night and he was so sure that he would make it to the end. Boom! Today he’s gone. It goes to show that nothing is ever set in stone on The Chase. Have a safe trip Bolt.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. This shd be a lesson to those who boost.

  2. hakeem u were saved by zambia play wth cleo u are gone....u fool

  3. Hmmmmmmmmm. So sad that Bolt had to leave.

  4. He wz too bossy n arrogant......h desrvd it.