Sunday, June 23, 2013

Evictions: End Of The Road For Motamma

After four weeks in the game, Botswana's Motamma has been Evicted.

Not even a pretty face or sexy body could keep The Chase's resident cutie Motamma from getting the Eviction boot. After a grueling week of voting, Africa decided to save Elikem, Oneal, Bolt, Nando, Betty and Natasha from possible Eviction and left the sexy Tswana to hang at the gallows.

This week, Motamma made the Nominations list for the first time since her Chase journey started and unfortunately proved to not be the strongest of contenders.

Motamma's fellow countryman, Oneal, was also up for possible Eviction this week, following a dramatic swap by Ruby Head of House Bassey on Monday evening. Earlier in the week, Oneal prophesied that he would be Evicted tonight. Looks like the Tswana cutie needs to brush up on his prediction skills because he is still in the running for the USD 300 000 prize and remains Botswana's only hope as the Chase heats up. Motamma's Chase journey has been nothing but bittersweet.

After sending temperatures throughout Africa soaring with skin-tight garb and barely there dresses, the entire continent shared in her pain when she lost her beloved grandfather.

Motamma has certainly fought her fight and it is safe to say her fellow Housemates and fans will miss her and that booty.

By Ngeti Dlamini


  1. so sad i wil mic u my beautiful motama...

  2. not motamma...............humble

  3. re tla go hopola ngwanyana. eya gae with peace and see your family gal.

  4. byee motamma you did your best in the BBA house good luck better life for u out there

  5. Goodby motamma I'll miss ur dance moves