Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Fatima and Sulu Clash

Things got heated today around the Ruby House fire resulting in a blow out between Fatima and Sulu.

"Do you know what's pissing me off” asks Fatima, “you took something I made and you destroyed it."

Convinced this issue has deeper roots, Sulu tells Fatima that she has always had a problem with him. “You have problems with me, even your comments to me are always negative,” says Sulu.

While roasting marshmallows, Sulu destroyed Fatima’s sweet treat and threw it on the floor. Earlier this morning, she expressed her displeasure with him for ruining Housemates’ avatars the night before.

“Do not be a friggin’ woman dude,” Fatima tells Sulu who had now reached boiling point.

“Don’t go there,” he warns, “you don’t know me.”

“You don’t know me either,” shouts Fatima as she stormed off to the kitchen.

Head of House, Feza, was on hand to calm her down so she could join the rest of the Housemates for the Marshmallow Task.

Hearing that Sulu still had more to say, she charged at him demanding he speak directly to her.

"If you've got something to say, don’t say it behind my back, say it to my f**** face," she said.

Sulu soon after apologised but still maintained that “she’s got attitude issues”.

Could personal issues be the reason behind the blow-out?

Earlier today, Fatima had an emotional Diary Session where she revealed that she was having trouble coping with the game. Meanwhile, Sulu has been wrestling with issues of the heart since his girl, Selly, was moved over to the Diamond House.

Video: The Clash of the titans
Qhakaza Mthembu


  1. Fatima just understand Sulu, he is a such an entertainer. vote 4 u Fats

  2. fatima has issues...bigie.., let her get help.

  3. Fatima is frustrated by Elikem and she let's it out on Sulu

  4. Fats need sex dat is problem nw coji dey worry her she need it O Bigg

  5. Fatima is in need of love nd caring nd fonding som1 to b ther for her

  6. Fatima is jst frustrated n nids serx opposite sex attention... Pour ur anger on elikem n let sulu face his own problem abt selly datz eating him up too..

  7. Drama every day. Anywee na gamu shaa.