Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fatima Demands Answers From Elikem

“What am I to you, tell me darling true”? These compelling lyrics from Norah Jones’ song “What Am I to You” seem to perfectly describe Fatima's state of mind.

“Why do you keep saying that this is just one of those things? What do you mean by that?” she quizzed Elikem who was flabbergasted and struggled to give coherent answers. The Malawian has clearly had enough with Elikem toying with her while chasing after Pokello at the same time. As the conversation progressed, she started to become increasingly frustrated with the Ghana man. “Why are you acting like it’s nothing when it is clearly something. Why do you say shit like that,” she lashed out at him.

“It’s not like it’s nothing and it’s not something,” he tried to reason. But she just was not having it. “Make up your mind, it’s either something or it’s not,” she asserted. “When a man and a woman are in bed, it’s just naughty, naughty stuff,” he stated. At this response, the Ruby lady looked ready to give him a verbal lashing until Bassey unwittingly interrupted the heated conversation.

Interruption or not, it does not look like this issue is over just yet. We have said it before and we’ll say it again; Fatima may claim to be happy to be just friends with Elikem but her actions say otherwise and today she has just proven it once and for all. But will their friendship survive this latest hurdle?

Video: What are we?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. When you love someone who does not share in ur feelings, it hurts. Fatima had her time with Elikem but she chose to call him junior brother. Now she has lost him.

  2. Nawaoo. It is heart breaking when you love someone who does not love you back.If truely Eikem wants Pokelo in his future,am sure he will regret missing Fatima after seeing Pokello's Sex scandal currently on the net.What a world?

  3. Pokello wants Elikem for the game because she has no game plan.

  4. Good for Fatima, she knew Feza and Elikem had something but she came inbetween as a so called "just friends" and got cosy with Elikem. She would have been with Hakeem now if Cleo hadn't outsmarted her by making sure Selly brings her to the Ruby house.

  5. They both love each other tho elikem wants them both infact his more free with fatima than pokello strong relationships always emerge from strong friendships