Friday, June 28, 2013

Feature: Are Hakeem and Dillish In Love?

Dillish and Hakeem are the worst enemies in the House but could there be an attraction there?

Nominating each other at every possible opportunity and talking foul about one another has been the norm amongst these two. This is why it came as no surprise that Dillish would banish Hakeem from taking part in this week’s HoH Task.

Could Cleo be in the way of how Hakeem actually feels about Dillish? The Zimbabwean Housemate shared a little secret with Big Brother during one of his Diary sessions this week. He said he had noticed that Dillish and himself were very similar which is why they were always at each other’s throats. “Me and Dillish we are actually similar in a funny kind of way. When I first got into the Diamond House I got along with everybody except for her and I have realised it is because we are very much the same,” he told Big Brother.

However, because of all the tension that’s been going on between them, Hakeem decided to keep this between himself and Big Brother.

Well, Bolt observed the attraction between the two supposed foes. Bolt told Sulu, who is billed to head on a date with the gorgeous Namibian on Saturday, that the lady was in love with Hakeem.

Prepping the Zambian Housemate for his time with Dillish, Bolt said he could tell when a lady likes a guy. “Dillish can never date a guy in the Big Brother House,” Bolt said adding that she was in a committed relationship outside of the House.

Do you think there’s a hidden attraction between Dillish and Hakeem or are they really archrivals?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Hakeem Hakeem Hakeeem all the way.

  2. I am so happy Beverly has told Melvin that Maria is inlove with him and he spoke with Maria and they finally agreed they love each other but they would keep it secret from house mate.

  3. I am so happy Melvin and Maria are now inlove but they agreed to keep it a secret from the house mate.

  4. Good for them,I love the together not that Selly of a girl.

  5. Melma what a lovely combination,I love them together.

  6. Anabel told Selly that Feza comfided in her and ask her hope she is not making mistake. With Oneal,and that she prefer Melvin to Oneal because Melvin is more reserve and decent while she is not too sure of Oneal after the house.

    1. Yessss ooooh n Oneal knows feza has feelings 4Melvin dat y at d arena he refused wen feza told him she is bringing melvin.we may see pokelo chasin him too cos she gav him his avater.Everyone is chasing Melvin while he chase $300.Go melvin luv u sso much.Lerato SA

  7. Dats a matured agreemt.Nija guyz are always focused.Trust my Inlaws! Melvin am a fan,kip being real ok!

  8. Those who started s archrivals end up as true friends if not lovers,hakeem and Dilish wil make a gud team & they wl have a lot to talk about moving forward.

  9. I believe Hakeem and Dillish are liiving in denial, the are attracted to each other