Sunday, June 30, 2013

Feature: The Bev/Bimp Chase

‘He Is Just Not That Into You’ - that is the title of the New York times best-selling book turned movie. And it is also the title of Beverly and Bimp’s Chase story.

Nothing hurts more than having to throw yourself at someone only to have them throw it all back in your face. Ever since Beverly moved into the Diamond House four weeks ago she has been spending most of her time hanging on to Bimp like a second hand purse.

Baby girl has not been subtle at all with the hints that she has thrown at the Ethiopian. He is the cub to her hyena; her message has been loud and clear - she wants a piece of him anywhere, anytime. But whether or not the shy guy feels the same way about her it is unclear. While Bimp has not explicitly told Bev that he does not want her; he also has not reciprocated all the loving she has been throwing his way. He usually indulges her flirtation but as soon as things take a turn for the physical he quickly cuts her off.

Just this morning the two shared a bed and all was good until the Nigerian started to get touchy. The Diamond gent quickly grabbed her hands and pulled them out of the covers. So what does this all mean? Has Bimp friend-zoned Beverly or is he just a modest fellow that doesn't want to rush into things?

Either way one thing is for sure; Beverly needs to slow her roll before she pushes Bimp away. There is no quicker man repellent than a desperate woman. Yes we are living in modern times but a real lady knows that it’s okay to let the man do The Chasing every now and again.

Video: Touchy touchy

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. This naija girl is the so desperate, bimp aint into you girl, shuuuu!

  2. Beverly u are a disgrace to 9ja

  3. beverly is a loose cannon,a disgrace to the proud,beautiful& hardworking nigerian women who are anything but morals,no stansrads.... surely shameful representation of the typical 9ja woman.

  4. she is no disgrace.
    Part of d game.
    Maybe been wit bimp is a ticket in staying 4 90days.

    1. wat game,how is begging him for sex everynite a game???? how is throwing herself cheaply @ bimp a ticket 4 staying long in d house? my friend bev has lost it long ago... she'll only realise wen d damage has been done

  5. Bev is no disgrace. She is only playing with him. She likes him but is not ready to have sex with him. She said she likes him cos he would't allow her do something she will regret later. Meanwhile who said bimp doesn't like her? why is it that when the bedroom lights are off, he always cuddles her to sleep. He likes her but is not ready to do anything to tarnish his good boy image.