Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feature: The Chase Love Disappointments!

Who is Chasing who in The Chase? Lately there have been new attractions forming in The Chase and though the Housemates use The Crush Wall to play cupid for their fellow Housemates, they have their own Crushes.

Angelo has been canvassing to get a moment with his Crush Maria and it looks like the Crush Wall votes flowed in his favour this week. He's adamant that nothing will hold him back even though the Namibian Housemate has made it clear that she's already taken and Angelo is friend-zoned. Angelo is clearly alone on this one because Maria seems to have made up her mind that she's more comfortable hanging with the Diamonds. Annabel will have the last laugh on this one!

Meanwhile, Selly and Sulu have been consistent all along but the Selly confessed to Biggie that it wouldn't be a bad idea to see what Nando and Melvin have to offer. She said she had been told that Nando fancies her, which was quite exciting to her and has unfinished business with Melvin. Well, Nando is certain that if he'd win a date to the Rendezvous Room, he would invite Selly to join him.

We checked out what Africa was saying about the new connections and this is what our Twitter fans had to say;

@simplicty_67 - I wonder who maria is gonna choose 4rm the rubies...shame Angelo might be in 4 disappointment...we will see#BBATheChase #BigBroAfrica

@DaubSoul - Maria doesn't want date with the Rastaman #BigBroAfrica #BBATheChase

@PrideVal - I've also noticed this... RT“@zoweejf: Melvin really likes this selly girl sorry maria you are third on his list #bigbroafrica #BBATheChase

@Emem_Bush - Karma!! Angelo rejected Annabel's love, now Maria is doing the same thing to him. Hahahahahaha ________ #BigBroAfrica #BBATheChase

@Kurhulafiona - Shame, Angelo will weep after maria doesnt choose him!! #Bigbroafrica #bbathechase

What will happen between Angelo and Maria eventually? will Selly choose Nando or Melvin?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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