Monday, June 03, 2013

Feature: The Dreaded Nominations Dilemma

Nomination day is probably the hardest to bear in the Big Brother Africa House.

While some Housemates swear on their cliques, it's during Nominations that true colours emerge.

Housemates Nominate each other for various reasons; the smart ones try to eliminate the competition or simply put up the Head of House, the sly ones Nominate their friends and the vindictive ones Nominate the ones who who have stepped on their toes.

Nominating based on emotions always have a way of backfiring even though it make sense at the time.

Then there's Betty, who failed to understand that she only had one chance to make her first impression, which almost cost her big time. This resulted in her head landing on the chopping block as, according to the then HoH Feza, Betty was the only one who had not come out of her shell by the first day of The Chase when they had their first Nominations. So Feza decided to save Elikem from possible Eviction and replaced him with Betty.

Unfortunately for Feza, the roles have been reversed this week and Betty is the Diamond HoH and I can bet my last penny that she'll revenge. She has refused to accept an apology from Feza, which was probably smart because Feza nominated her anyway. Well, she nominated Feza too so, clearly the claws are out.

In the Ruby House, Biguesas was a bit under the weather all day. He sat in the garden alone and looked like he was in deep thought while everyone else took a well-deserved nap after their Nomination session. That's just how draining Nominations can be. Something tells Biguesas that he could just be up for possible Eviction, and he definitely will be.

It seems as though the Nominations bug hit harder in the Ruby House than the Diamond House. Could it be because Rubies are scheming against each other more than the Diamonds?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Lol! Betty will definetly replace bolt with feza. Let feza taste how scary the chopping block can be.

  2. Goo sweety Feza play the game n we will support u mamam

  3. feza all the way my vote is for you