Monday, June 10, 2013

Feature: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly In BBA's VIP Section

Imagine uncut footage of your favourite Housemate in their birthday suit. Yeah, we said it – as bare as they can be, wet and dripping in the shower.

As a viewer of great importance, a dignitary who commands special treatment, you are a VIP - a Very Important Person.

So often we hear people claiming to be on the VIP list of A-list parties and we can’t blame them because everybody wants to be respected and treated with dignity. There’s no need to fake your VIP status in the Big Brother Africa game, you can follow the easy steps to join the premium experience, and demand your membership to ensure that you’re a fully-fledged Big Brother Africa fan.

Once you’ve earned those stripes, you get all the bragging rights because of the exclusive content that you’re exposed to. We’re talking about everything that happens between the sheets during odd hours of the night, the moans and the groans, exit interviews with Evicted Housemates, insight on what African artists think of The Chase and their winners of choice.

A lot goes on in BBA's VIP section and because we want to keep it private, we encourage all Big Brother Africa fans to follow the right channels to get on the A-list of The Chase. If you view yourself as a Big Brother Africa fan of fans, you better get VIP membership. The membership fee is a once off payment of USD 8 or 70 South African Rand.

Evicted lovers, Koketso and LK4 had so much to say about their strategies, their relationship and what the future holds for them. Did their relationship last beyond the Big Brother Africa stage? Find out behind the VIP Paywall.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Biggie d votting money no do u abi? Oya tell us how to enter d stuff cos we aren't in SA plz.u can put a advert on tv plz. Biggie u like money die!eishhhhhhh!