Monday, June 03, 2013

Feature: Good Looks Won't Save You!

If you ever thought good looks and nudity are what takes Housemates far in the Big Brother Africa game, then the first Evictions in The Chase were an eye-opener.

Uganda's Denzel and Kenya's Huddah became the first Housemates to feel the Eviction dagger.

Shock was written all over Huddah's face when her name was announced as the first Diamond to be booted out of The Chase. Her feisty nature, her beauty and not even exercising in her bikini was enough to keep her in the race. With teary eyes, Huddah briefly said her goodbyes and dazed around the lounge as if trying to make sense of what had just happened. Once she had remembered where the Eviction Doors were located, she took her walk of shame.

However, the Masai princess left too soon. Just when viewers were gearing up for Huddah's claws to come out for Dillish, whom she said, in no uncertain terms, that she couldn't stand. It was only a matter of time before the Kenyan lass gave Dillish a piece of her mind. Well, thanks to the Arrow introduced by Biggie, Huddah was able to target Dillish with hers. So, Dillish will make everyone's bed in the Diamond House on Monday and Tuesday as served by the equally gorgeous Huddah.

Meanwhile, "entertainer in motion" as IK rightly referred to him, the pintsized Denzel became the first to be chopped from Big Brother Africa Season 8. One who spent the entire week in his briefs half the time, that stunt didn't sit well with Africa. Another of Denzel's antics was his potty mouth. He could hardly complete a sentence without mentioning sex, his 'tool' or what he can do with a woman. Perhaps that too didn't cut it.

Of course Denzel's witty nature and humour will be missed. It's always nice to have the weird guy with no limits in the House, just to balance things out, and he surely played that part well.

This was just the first of many Evictions to follow and the Sunday's will never be same again in the House.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. I always knew dat dis game of BBA Chase waz not about gettin naked..singing like d house mates are in a project fame or singin comptn... The chase is all aboout whom wil unite n bond wit house mates d most in a good n well behaved manner

  2. how can you be so naked guys grow up

  3. how can you .be so naked guys if it was not that case maybe you were still rolling in the house

  4. Huddah acted lyk she came 2 d she with bikinis only

  5. Eish Huddah and Denzel shame guys, next time hey