Monday, June 10, 2013

Feature: How Do They Dodge Nominations?

How exactly do some Housemates manage to dodge the Nomination bullet?

This week Cleo, Maria, Bimp and Fatima's names were not mentioned at all during Nominations. Could this be as a result of being the best Housemates or have they been playing it safe?

There are a few characteristics that these Housemates have in common. They have all been happy-go-lucky and constantly just moved with the flow. They have avoided stepping on anyone's toes at any given time and maintained good relationships with most of the Housemates.

Perhaps it's a question of being forgettable? Cleo for example has been playing her cards very close to her chest. Unlike her over emotional beau Hakeem, Cleo has kept her emotions at bay. Natasha even charged at her for not expressing her emotions when Hakeem was swapped from Ruby to Diamond House. However, Cleo has managed to remain aloof even where Hakeem is concerned. Unlike the Betty's of this world, Cleo spends time with everyone and has no issues just being the only girl chilling with guys even though she's in the hottest relationship of the Season.

Meanwhile, Fatima was also dealt a blow on Friday when Ruby Head of House Selly decided to fish her potential man, Elikem out of the Diamond House to Ruby. Though she felt bad about losing a companion, she wasn't all over the place about her feelings, she remained collected.

Bimp on the other hand restricts his conversations to the guys and never speaks above anyone. Basically, he speaks when spoken to. Such a character is very easy to forget when it's time to sacrifice someone on that hot Nominations seat.

So, Maria is another one who smiles with everyone. Her pint size may also work in her favour here. Who wants to Nominate the smallest girl really? That's just being bully. At that time, Maria is slipping through the ranks and making her way to the Finale.

We've said it before and we'll say it again, the sooner the Housemates remove emotions from their Nominations and start Nominating smart, they will be Evicted one by one. Chances of Cleo, Maria, Bimp and Fatima's names coming up in tonight's Save and Replace are equally slim so, till then it looks like they remain on the safe side.

Will the Housemates realise the game that these shadow Housemates are playing soon enough?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Biggie wat made hakeem n cleo's likeness d hostest? Dat d beggd d hsemates to vote 4them so d meet each other? Elikem asked cleo several tym today if she want hakeem bak she couldn't say yes! They are all playing Game 4sure!we know wen bggie's love is real.