Saturday, June 15, 2013

Feature: Love In Biggie's House

By now we are all aware what one of the themes of The Chase is: Love. In the three weeks that the show has been running, we have seen lovers come and go but one couple still stands the test of time; Beauty and the Beast.

When coming into Biggie’s House, all Housemates admitted to being here for the challenge, the money and for the exposure. Love was the last thing on everyone’s mind until they had to spend days together learning things about each other, then the love bug started biting all those compatible.

We all know that Betty and Bolt’s union was one of the first to be documented on The Chase and by the looks of things Betty has managed to put a leash on her man. But like any hot-blooded man, Bolt has proven to be flawed, especially when Beverly aired allegations that Bolt was making moves on her and she didn’t know whether or not to tell Betty. But it seems like Betty and Bolt are still strongly joined at the hip and have no plans of parting ways just yet.

Then there was the short-lived connection between the then player LK4 and Koketso whose relationship ended before it had time to breathe. We saw the pair go through denial, betrayal and other potential lovers but still they stuck it out. But just when they thought they had gotten over the hurdles of being together, they got evicted from the Ruby House, without much as a notice for Koketso. It all happened too quick and thanks to Selly, it all came to an abrupt end.

Another couple that has had its fair share of troubles and still trying to survive is that of Cleo and Hakeem, who only get to see each other in the Rendevous Room on Saturdays. Hakeem had always known that Cleo is the one he wanted to be with, from the moment they got into the Ruby House. His feelings for her have never changed but Hakeem’s swap to the Diamond House was the first challenge their relationship had to endure.

Then after discussing Cleo’s move to the Diamond, things would go back to normal and the pair would be together again, except Cleo changed her mind. In the Rendevous Room this afternoon, Cleo had to explain her actions and she did, with great regret for the pain it caused her lover. She felt that if she had gone to the Diamond House and they lived happily ever after, they’d both soon become easy targets and be evicted like LK4 and Koketso. That’s what she was afraid of.

After moving to the Ruby House, Fatima and Feza walked into a situation they weren’t aware of, that of Pokello and ‘their’ man Elikem. Not knowing that Elikem has been busy since he left the Diamonds, Feza thought she would rekindle her connection with her then ‘love connection.’ She soon had to get over that thought as Elikem was not only busy trying to get Pokello but Fatima as well.

Elikem is very set on his ways as a player and doesn’t intend on committing to any of the women. Will he end up like the previous player LK4? Or does he have his eye on the USD 300 000 prize and just using the women as a means to an end?

One thing is for sure, love is the key that unlocks even the toughest of cookies in Biggie’s House, whether the Housemates use it with good or bad intentions. It will infect even the hardest hearts. Whether it gets the Housemates further in the game depends fully on how they spread it.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana

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