Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Feature: Love, Lust, Jealousy and Envy!

Love, lust, jealousy and envy get the ball rolling and keep The Chasers on the fast lane. What with Elikem jumping into bed with Pokello while he bathes with Fatima when it suits him?

On the other track, we have Sulu crying over spilt milk after Nando ran with his cheese, Selly. How could we miss little Beverly trailing behind Bimp on the other side while Bolt trails behind her?

That’s the essence of The Chase; everyone needs to stay on the fast lane. No one wanted to believe Beverly’s story about Bolt gunning for her behind because he was tight with his babe, Betty but look at him now? Barely a week after his significant other was booted out of The Chase, Bolt is already looking for his next catch. He just told Elikem and Fatima that he was after Beverly or Dillish.

“Even when I was with Betty, I was flirting with Dillish,” the Sierra Leonean big guy declared before going on about his Rendezvous Room dreams. “I want to go in there with either Beverly or Dillish,” he blurted.

As if that was not enough, Bolt also confessed that he had his eyes on Pokello but Elikem already beat him to it. However, the guys (Elikem and Bolt) have a ‘wise’ plan of playing the confident Zim girl even though Elikem has admitted that he really likes her. Anything to stay in the game but what if Pokello catches them? What will this mean for her and Elikem? Do they even have the guts to go ahead with this?

Selly seems to be having the time of her life with Nando and there’s been talk in the House that she was just stringing Sulu along for The Chase. However, other camps think Sulu got too involved but forgot to act on it until Nando snatched the girl from him. From someone experienced in the rejection department, after getting the elbow from Maria, Angelo said Sulu needs to wake up and smell the coffee. “I just want to open his eyes to the reality so he can focus on his game,” he told Big Brother.

Angelo, amongst other Housemates, is convinced that Selly was never interested in Sulu. Beverly was clear that Sulu is not her type either. “I wouldn’t date Sulu even if he was the riches man in my country. I can’t,” she told Maria before adding that she wished Bassey had Bolt’s characteristics; “I’d probably be tripping for him. I’d rather date a Bimp kind of guy than a Bolt type of guy,” the Nigerian model quipped. Was Beverly hinting something to Bimp here?

Last but definitely not least are Oneal and Feza. The Tswana Housemate has made it his prerogative to groom his madam into a proper young lady who knows her place. Though the Rubies have their reservation about Feza’s happiness, it looks like things are going well.

There are a lot of mysteries when it comes to relationships in The Chase; Beverly and Bimp, Bassey and Dillish, Melvin and Selly or Maria?

What have been your observations?

Video: Bolt playing the girls?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Hmmm. Elikem is de one sprising me. God help elikem. As for bolt, he is going home on sunday.