Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Feature: The Men In Biggie's House

Ever since The Chase started we have been exposed to the different behaviours of the Housemates in both the Diamond and ruby House. But what’s more interesting is the behaviours of the men in these Houses.

We all know that Bolt was the man that spotted his lover from the onset but this Sierre Leonean beast has proven to be an insensitive bully that nobody likes anymore. He managed to dodge Evictions twice already because people thought he was worth saving. But this time, fate has other plans.

Hakeem, the cute model and beau to one Cleo in the Ruby House has grown into a strong young man who has had to endure the pain of living without his lady love. But one thing remains the same and that’s his love for Cleo. He once admitted to her that there is no life without her. Hakeem is a man inlove.

Having admitted to being addicted to a variety of ‘medications’ in his past, one can tell that Tanzania’s Nando is very laid back and very happy with his ‘chilled’ routine in the House. He doesn’t have to do much because there is always someone keen to do something in the House and he must have his naps at any time during the day. Bolt said that he needs to get laid and we wonder if there’s any truth to this.

Then there’s Melvin who has Evictions hovering over his head like an eagle hovering over a dying body in the desert. Melvin has been one of the sweetest guys in both Houses and some of the female Housemates like him. However, his home girl Beverly is the one that feels for him the most because he might be Evicted come Sunday. Losing one of the few well-mannered guys is hard thing to deal with.

Speaking of manners, we have come to know Zambia’s Sulu as a loud mouth nobody wants to kiss. He might be good enough to be Selly’s close friend but even Maria refused his kiss when he attempted one at the Party Zone on Saturday night. Sulu was also close with Natasha until she decided otherwise. The common thought amongst the female Housemates is that Sulu is nothing more than a friend.

We’ve all come to know Elikem as the guy that took LK4’s spot as the resident player. And much like LK4, Elikem has now reached the crossroads where he has had to choose which of the three women would remain his. So far Pokello has been open to his charms and Fatima doesn’t extend herself further than the ‘friendship’ line although we now know that her feelings for the Ghanaian lad go way deeper. But Fatima is a bright girl and knows Elikem is not looking to commit.

It was sad to see that Angelo and Maria’s hook up wasn’t more than what it was, another budding friendship. As much as the South African choreographer put his feelings out there for Maria, she still refused his attempt at something more. Angelo is a modest guy who only gives his opinion when it’s asked for, that says a lot about his character. But will it win Maria’s heart? You know what they say about good guys.

Earlier today, Motamma and Betty were telling Bimp that he has always been a sweet guy, from the very beginning he has always been gentle. In response, he told them that chivalry lives in him. As much as this was meant to be a joke, both girls knew there is a lot of truth in his statement. In fact chivalry is Bimp and only him. Hopefully this goes beyond his game plan and is actually his everyday personality.

While we are still on humble men, we can never leave out Botswana’s radio and TV personality Oneal, who still sustains his wise and cautious ways. And for the first time on The Chase, we have seen him liking a fellow female Housemate, Feza. His honesty, when he was telling Feza how he feels, was a thing only read in soppy novels but this is why we commend guys that are able to wear their hearts on their sleeves. You can tell a lot about a man who is able to air his feelings for the right cause. The Chase is a game but the game comes to a stop when matters of the heart come into play. One needs to choose what to ‘chase’ and what to leave behind. Another victim of this was Uganda’s LK4.

This week’s Ruby HoH, Bassey has always been the girls’ best friend because of his flamboyant personality that women like. Bassey has always been in touch with his feminine side and that’s partly why he’s made it this far into The Chase. Bassey is fun and friendly and doesn’t like conflict and unrest. As his first order of business, he attempted to fix Selly and Pokello’s vendetta from two weeks ago. Even though there wasn’t any resolution to their problem, he got them talking at least, with the help of all the other Housemates. Bassey is a good guy and even better HoH.

It is important to understand the man so that you can better understand his game. This might be true for all The Chasers but when it comes to love and hook ups, the men have always been the initiators. Will their habits and behaviours change? Only time will tell and we’ll be here watching.

By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Let them chase woman but we are here a d cash period.No side attraction focus even if there is we jump n pass hahahaha No shaking.

  2. Bimp and Oneal rox a lot no lie abt that

  3. Alo biggie amplified those damn chicks keep it up pokello n hakeem plus Cleo - hakeemlified , pokelified , cleolified

  4. But let's go Africa vote for the best

  5. Melvin is NOT up for eviction!

  6. I like d way melvin is playin his game not into women but d muola.

  7. Hakeem you al tha Wy