Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Feature: The Need For Intimacy!

Being a Wildmate means letting loose and rolling with the punches.

This being the fourth week of The Chase, the Wild Task has awaken wild thoughts in some Wildmates.

As grown ups, their bodies can only take so much of not being in contact with the opposite sex but some Wildmates like Maria have said they are not in a rush to start mating.

One who caught Africa off guard was Motamma who said she thought she couldn't live without her mobile and the Internet until she entered The Chase.

Well, that's not what amused Africa, it was her admission that she really though it would be difficult for her to live without making love. The usually quiet, soft-spoken beauty got tongues wagging all over our social media but well, she didn't say she wanted to make love but rather that "it's tough when we become hormonal."

Angelo also said he always has wild thoughts when he is sleeping and dreaming. "I dreamt I was in a jacuzzi having sex with somebody," the South African Housemate confided in Biggie. Should one or two Housemates be worried about Angelo's dream? Or perhaps it was someone outside the House? Well, Angelo would not divulge more on that wild dream.

Just a few days ago, Bolt thought it was a great idea to Nominate Nando because of his constant need to get laid.

Nando hasn't made a secret that his blood is racing sky high and maybe Selly should run and not look back. However, we keep our eyes wide open to see how the Wildmates survive The Chase.

Would you survive in the Big Brother The Chase House?

Video: Making love!

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Angelo at ur age! Shame on u!hope it isn't maria ur dreaming of n 4got ur so called fiance to told Annabel abt.

  2. Fatiman re u related to obasanjo?jus askin. na wan o na face be dis?