Sunday, June 23, 2013

Feature: The Power Is With Africa

By now we are all accustomed to the rules of Big Brother Africa The Chase. Every Monday Housemates Nominate who they feel should be Evicted every Sunday. There are usually a variety of reasons Housemates Nominate the people they choose.

This however leaves a bit taste in most of The Chasers’ mouths as no one is sure whether or not they have been Nominated and eventually Evicted. In their Diary Sessions, Housemates would often tell Biggie what their greatest fears are while in the game, the biggest being that this could be their last week in the House and they often hope and pray that Africa saves them.

This week Betty was one such Housemate. She told Biggie in her Diary Session that she doesn’t want to leave just yet as she is still enjoying her stay in the House and her game on The Chase. She also said that she would like to be in the House with Bolt as he makes her happy. So if they could stay longer that would be ‘nice.’

But the rules clearly state that two Housemates leave the House at a time until Biggie decides otherwise. The couples on The Chase have it the hardest because if one is Evicted, the other would be left behind to find a way to carry on with his/her game alone. We saw LK4 and Koketso leave together and this was better because at least none of them were left behind miserable without the other. Could this be the better option for couples or can one still push on alone till the 91 days are over?

One thing is evident though, none of the Housemates want to see themselves do the walk of shame with bags in hand, headed for the exit. But all that can be avoided not only by the way they play the game but also by how many Africans find you a worthy competitor. It’s all up to Africa, fear is unnecessary because the ultimate decision is not with the Housemates nor Biggie.

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By Bukelwa Nkungwana


  1. Thanks SA we will have our BBSA.The Power is with riggers.Naija even gives hint of 254 rigging code they've been using to make their own winners and evicting the competition. You should be gullable to think that your country will win.

  2. Only SA is awake...Nigeria and Zim will rig to the finale. Exclude the rigging countries so that other countries can get a fair chance.

  3. Naija rigged for Nando this week. Finally it will be the W Africans competing and Naija will rig the evicted countries to win, while their neighbours split votes amongst themselves! The game is already mapped out...One Africa!

  4. Insecurty people always attacking other countries. I guess it was rigged last year when SA won.

  5. What's with this 'riggers' you south africans always say? How can you say naija rigged for nando? How is that rigging? He was voted for that's all... Why is it har for you guys to accept the fact that Nigeria is a very strong country? You south africans should go and die! You hate naija's so much bcos they are very successful and hardworking people. All you guys do for hustle is robbery! You guys are thieves and criminals. You're so jealous. You guys are killers and robbers. Shame on u and don't u ever call naija's riggers... Smelling people.

    1. @Kay my dear u don't know what u r taking about S A is on top of the game as alwys , u 9ja u are the one who is full of crime , fraud , robbery ,killers scheming , specialize by drugs so back of u stupid thing , afterall u don't knw the meaning of BBA for your info is time for a change we are all african , is time show some love and respect each other as Africans , Stop Jeallous mxm you 9jas alwys ruined our country but still S A loves you, mxm full of shit.