Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feature: Ruby Bromance

It looks like there is a new love affair brewing in the Big Brother House but not the romantic kind.

This love affair is the bubbling bromance between Elikem and Bolt who have spent the entire morning practically attached at the hip to each other. The former Diamond duo has become as thick as thieves ever since the Sierra Leonean was moved into the Ruby House. It looks like girl trouble has seen the two men finding comfort in one another. While Elikem and Pokello's romance has been on the rocks over the past few days, Bolt was separated from his own lady love when Betty was Evicted this Sunday.

One of the things that seems to have brought these lads together is their similar dominant personalities. Both are strong African men that prefer to be with the kind of woman that can humble herself before her man. “I want a woman that respects me that goes without saying,” Bolt proclaimed this morning as his buddy nodded in agreement.

So tight are these fellows now that they have even taken to scheming together. Their first endeavour as BFFs has been a plot against Elikem’s Zimbabwean boss lady. Their plan was to have Bolt make moves on Pokello while Elikem pretended he knew nothing about it so that they can see how she will react.

For now this friendship looks rock solid. But there is an old adage that goes, “There can never be two bulls in one kraal”. Seeing how these two both have strong personalities; how long will this bromance last?

By Lihle Jacobs


  1. Menh d way pokelo behavs eiiiiiiiiishhh.terrible.shaking my head eiiiish!!!! Wonder if she will eva be under a man.

    1. which under a man didnt u see her famous video with stunner wht rubbish.

  2. which under a man didnt u see wht stunner did to her what rubbish.

  3. pokello is not d kind of woman to humble to a man, she thinks her beauty will give her any kind of man at any time esp man wit cash

  4. She will be supriced to be humbled by a boy wt swt mouth who wiLl tel how rich he is n sho her fake love.b4 she realises is heartbreak! Dats wat her kind of person gets at d long-run! She needs to go to diamond house let's me watch her.

  5. Pls dnt blame her,she has passed thru brutal expereince in the hand of men that r coward and dnt show respect to womanhood. Life and struggle had tot her a lesson.if u r not a woman ,u won't understand. She is nice and I like her type. She just want to be her self. Pls like her and vote for her

  6. This bromance has been on even when d duo were in d daimond house

  7. Why do men always discuss ladies only. As an African woman, I pity Pokelo. She had been rubbished by her country men. If this happen to an lady in Igboland(naija) nobody will marry her again. Pray for her