Monday, June 24, 2013

Feature: A Tale Of Two Nominated Rubies

One has been up for Eviction three times already and Africa had her back on all occasions, the other is a newbie in the Nominations scene yet they get along like a House on fire.

How will they both take the news of their Nominations tonight?

Natasha and Sulu both got the highest Nominations in the Ruby House with four each making them obvious targets for this week's Evictions. The two shared a moment of solitude in the garden pepping each other up on what could have befallen them during Nominations. "You have become somewhat of a threat because you have been up and come back so many times," Sulu consoled his buddy.

What is it exactly that makes Natasha an easy target for Nominations? Is she really fake? Is she a strong contender? Or are the Housemates just enjoying seeing her being dramatic? Even after the Malawian diva called an impromptu inquiry with the Rubies after the last Nominations Show on why they want her out, they put her up again today.

Natasha is the only Housemate that has survived Eviction three times since the beginning of The Chase and it doesn't look like she will be getting any rest from the dagger soon.

The Housemates have charged her for being fake and sneaky because of the way she's always cleaning and cooking.

Meanwhile, Sulu's comedy may have dried out as the Rubies want him out. The Zambian Housemate has been keeping the Rubies entertained and somehow seemed to be overlooked each time Nominations came up. Well, his luck must have left with Selly to the Diamond House as this week he must come up with new material for his comedy or face the music.

With Feza as this week's HoH, we wonder if she will have mercy on either of the two targets and pardon them from the gallows. However, Natasha was actually one of the Tanzanian Housemate's choices for this week's Evictions alongside Pokello but perhaps Feza will change her mind during the Nominations Show later today.

Honestly, Feza has Angelo, Fatima, Pokello, Elikem and Bassey to toss around and of course she can't exactly sacrifice her beau Oneal so he should be safe.

As for Bolt, he's been quite lucky with being Saved from possible Eviction by the HoH but will Feza follow suit?

Will she set Bolt free in solidarity for his loss during last night's Eviction?

By Lindiwe Nkonyane


  1. Natasha is my favorite Housemate, I pray she is saved either by hoh which is not likely considering hoh nominated her or by ever reliable Africa. the Ruby house will not be d same without Natasha.

  2. I agree with u!natasha is real nd wld like africa to save her nd i realy wish dat pokello live dis sunday coz shes such a snake shes da 1 who provoked dis morning`s argument between natasha nd bolt

  3. Natasha and Sulu are the main deal in that house...


  5. Sulu will be safe

  6. im so glad that Feza has saved Sulu-God bless u Feza my girl