Friday, June 14, 2013

Feature: Things That Make Us Cringe!

Sometimes the Housemates make us cringe and more than anything, they make us go "eew!"

The word “eew” according to the Urban Dictionary is an expression used when you see, hear or feel something very gross, disgusting or foul.

As the days go by, the Housemates get more comfortable and relaxed in the Big Brother House. We’ve seen quite a few Housemates dropping their guard which begs for the question; were they just pretending before or have they just loosened up? - literally.

Everyone was prim and proper in the first two weeks but now some dig for diamonds when they are bored or simply fart all over the place just for fun, that makes us go eew!

The biggest fart culprit is the hunky Hakeem. Who would have thought that the well-toned hunky Zimbabwean Housemate enjoys letting out air in his downtime?

Well, Hakeem has been having a field day in the Diamond House as he really finds his farting antics very funny. However, Big Brother didn’t think Hakeem was funny when he decided to fart just before his Diary session and quickly put him in his place. Well, Bolt seems to be another one that understands this fart game.

Then there’s Bassey who has been caught digging for diamonds. Really Bassey? Have you forgotten that Africa is watching? Clearly, the Sierra Leonean Housemate is feeling at home now so digging his nose while chilling in the lounge ‘alone’ is not a big deal.

The ladies have been quite guarded but Biggie is watching them. Well, we’re not sure about ladies chatting about how they spend their time in the loo though. That wasn’t a very pleasant discussion especially because it took place in the kitchen. The Diamond girls could just be getting of track.

Ruby serial HoH Selly also got a lashing from Biggie for pouring a drink on Pokello during the Saturday Party. “It’s how we do it at home when we’re having fun. I really didn’t mean to upset her,” Selly pleaded before being slapped with a One Strike Warning. The Ghanaian Housemate is surely getting too comfortable.

Obviously the one that takes the cup is Sulu. Honestly, what was going through his mind when he decided to urinate in the ice bucket at the Channel O Party? Now that’s way more than getting too comfortable. If alcohol will do this to Sulu, we cringe when we think of what else he could be capable of.

By Lindiwe Nkonyane

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  1. Bassey who does dat?Hakeem disaster plz stop dat rublish!